This directory contains some extra fonts for plan9.
Look in the samples dir to see what they look like.
To install:

	• copy the fonts to /sys/lib/postscript/font
	  (or a subdir thereof)
	• copy the files in devutf to /sys/lib/troff/font/devutf
	• copy the files in pstroff to /sys/lib/postscript/troff
	• append info to /sys/lib/postscript/font/fontmap
	  in the format "subfontname	[subdir/]xx.pfb", eg:
	OldStyleR00	useradded/oldstyle/R/00.pfb
	OldStyleR01	useradded/oldstyle/R/01.pfb
	OldStyleR02	useradded/oldstyle/R/02.pfb
	• cd /sys/lib/ghostscript/font && mk
	• the fonts can now be used in troff/ps/pdf documents.

To generate your own custom fonts:

	• split the font into 256-char Postscript Type 1 fonts
	  (I used fontforge for this)
	• put the .pfb and .afm files in /sys/lib/postscript/font
	  (or a subdir thereof)
	• run the gentrofffont script from the dir with the fonts:
		gentrofffont FontName TN
	  where FontName is a descriptive name
	  and TN is the name by which troff will refer to the font
	  (it can be more than two characters if necessary)
	  The script will warn if TN already exists.